I’ve been living with Mom and Dad for months now. I have two brothers: Toby and Raxacoricofallapatorius (They call him Rax). Mom’s dad lives with us too. I didn’t like him at first, but he isn’t bad as long as he keeps his feet away from me. Mom says Toby is an asshole. He is my big brother. I learn a lot from him. I learn what to do and, from Mom and Dad’s reactions, what not to do. I’ve learned so much since Mom and Dad brought me home. Toby taught me to start fights. Toby likes to show how tough he is. I’m tough too. Lately Dad has been taking me to the park alone. Dad shows me love when I don’t try to start fights. Toby is dumb.

My life before Mom and Dad seems like a bad dream. Mom and Dad love me and I love them too. Mom and Dad say I’m a good boy. Mom and Dad are good boys too. I worry a lot. I’m not even sure I know what about. The world is a scary place. I won’t let anything hurt them. I recently learned there are other good people. Aunt Kassie and Uncle Lucas came to visit. Uncle Lucas and Aunt Kassie are good boys too.

Me and Dad met two chihuahuas in the park the other day. Dad says they were dogs. They didn’t look like dogs. Dad likes to feed the metal cans with my poop. He carries around bags so he can pick it up without getting his hands dirty. It sounds gross to me.

I want Mom and Dad to be happy with me. I try very hard to do what I’m supposed to. TRASH IS AWESOME! There is food and all kinds of things to chew on. Sometimes I worry Mom and Dad aren’t coming back. Then I panic and go through the trash for something to make me feel better. That makes Mom and Dad mad. Mom and Dad don’t hit. They are my favorite people.

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  1. You are a good boy, Avery. I’m glad you live with us and that Aunt Nikole wanted me to come to the shelter with her; otherwise we wouldn’t have found you!

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