Free!! from…oh yeah, Dad.

I like to go as fast as I can. Dad has tried harnesses and a choker chain, but I still pulled him around the neighborhood when we go for walks. He made a special harness just for me. It felt strange at first, but it does stop me from pulling too much. It is hard with all of the interesting smells, but I do enjoy walking next to Dad…unless someone starts barking at me. Then I have to show how tough I am. Yesterday Dad added a handle to my harness. I was eager to go for our walk and didn’t give him a lot of time to finish it. Dad makes me wait FOREVER to go out. I get impatient and begin to whine. He tells me to shh. This makes me anxious and I whine more as a result. When we finally got outside, I was so excited. I tried to pull, but my harness made it difficult. We crossed the street, Dad’s new handle broke off my harness, and I broke free. I began running down the sidewalk. Dad called out to me. I looked back and smiled, refusing to return. A car whizzed by on my right. The sound of a dog in the back yard of one the houses drew my attention. I ran over to make friends. Dad caught up with me. He attempted to corner me in the yard, but he didn’t need to. I knew I was in trouble. I walked toward him, apologetically. Dad grabbed me and started the trip back home, looking for pieces of the broken harness and he walked. That was a short walk. I’m going to try not to do that again. I just get so excited some times.

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