Let’s Not Get Caught

I begin traveling at full speed with my girlfriend at my side. I am gradually leaving the ground more and more until I am airborne. I move into the sky above this tree covered grassland and watch her as I pass over and circle around to look at her. She looks up and smiles a knowing smile at me as she hops from the bank of this grassland to a small island in the center of the small body of water. The right sides of my right leg and the bottom of my left foot is brushed by the tops of the trees as I pass over them.

When she makes it to the other bank, I come down and locate the skateboard I had left there. It is bound with rope, but the rope shortly gives way as I skate. We have a boom-box and it is playing songs remember from a not so distant past. I recognize the beginning of Mighty Joe Plum’s Live Through This. I ride the left sidewalk of the road we travel, riding down the the ramp of the side walk to the street and then back up the ramp at the other side of the intersection. I direct my path to the other side of the street and use my fingers to pull the skateboard up to slide across the wooden fence as I arch my body to keep my feet planted on the board. After landing this maneuver, I pull the board up and slide it across the fence again, all the while keeping my feet planted on it.

I enter the yard ahead before my girlfriend and begin to hop the fence to the right of our entrance. As I raise my body with the slightest effort, my girlfriend enters the yard. When I look to her, she is looking past me to the area beyond the fence. Her facial expression tells me to come back down. Were we caught?

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