Twist…and Shout

Carrying a putty knife as I walk a wooded path at night. A darkly cloaked person comes running toward me and stabs at me with a knife. I attempt to fight him off, but am wounded in the abdomen. I fall to the ground and woman who apparently witnessed my attack comes running from nearby. My attacker flees dropping his or her knife. Who knows how long he or she will be gone. I pick up the knife and break from my wooded path. I let myself into a nearby house. I enter the kitchen area and see through a pane of glass a child and his female caregiver sitting on a couch, focused on the wall near this window from the kitchen. She notices me and comes quickly into the kitchen. I explain I was attacked and ask her to phone the police. She agrees and says, “It is a good thing that woman came when she did.” “What?!” I pin her against the island in the kitchen, the assailant’s knife in my left hand, my putty knife in my right, threatening her with their edges, “How did you know about the woman?!”

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