Getting Pets

Dad is such a good boy. He knows that when I give him my paw, he is supposed to pet me. It took some training, but now he pets me pretty much every time I give him my paw. Eventually he gets distracted and I have to give him my paw again to remind him. If he is sitting on the couch, I can climb into his lap. I start with my front paws. When he pulls my front paws up over his shoulders, I can pick up my back legs and rest them on his legs. He doesn’t like my feet on the couch so he usually turns me onto my back from there. I lay there with my feet in the air and Dad scratches my belly. This is how to be a lap dog. Those little things like chihuahuas that some people call lap dogs are just rodents that can fit easily on a person’s lap. A real lap dog can’t fit without his feet sticking straight up in the air.

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