The Petting Room

Yesterday, Dad put me in my kennel and proceeded to hook Toby and Rax up to their leashes and leave the house. I was so upset. I knew Dad was taking them on a walk without me. Dad takes me on walks every night and, usually, they stay home. I am supposed to be Dad’s favorite. I was so upset. Dad, Toby and Rax got home about an hour later. Toby told me how they went to a place we’ve gone many times before.

The place smells like dogs, but we rarely see any. We enter into a large living room area. The people there have a pet cat. After Dad talks with the people there, we all go into a smaller room – the petting room. This room is were Dad can sit and pet us. Dad does this for several minutes before another person comes in. He gives us pets for a few minutes. He is usually pretty good at giving pets. He leaves and Dad pets us more. Dad then lifts one of us onto a table so the other person can give us pets. This person is not always good at giving pets. Sometimes it just feels weird. She likes to give treats though.

I was sad Dad hadn’t taken me, but was happy to see him and my brothers when they got home.

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