Dark, Yellow, Stale, Red

Feeling: Dark, yellow, stale, red at times

Trees everywhere. I leave my heavy, leather coat in Allen’s truck in the back. He, his friend, and I go into the house. Two other kids are coming by. We are going to hurt them. Then Allen tells me to leave. I leave through the front of the house. But my coat… I walk quickly around the house, trying to stay low as to not be seen. I grab my coat out of the truck and start heading back through the trees, toward the front of the house. I am confronted by the two rival boys. They begin beating me. Soon I cannot see. I grab one and explain that, although I cannot see, I can still hit. I force him to the ground and begin slamming my right fist into his face. Then my vision comes back, as though an old television after being hit just right. I punch the second kid in the face twice. He is unconscious. A tooth on the right side of my upper jaw hangs loose. I head back to what I would assume is a halfway house. There are several family groups, but few children. I explain what happened. I also show the hanging tooth, but explain that this was only a baby tooth. Then my mother walks in. I awake suddenly a few seconds before my alarm. The right, upper area of my mouth taste of blood.

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