Red Pocket Knife

I met a man of AFD just at the entrance of a sidewalk tunnel. His hair was long and braided. I was returning his lost dog to him. He took the small thing from me and backed up slightly into the darkness of the tunnel. He was attempting to show me something on his phone. I stepped forward and the man began slashing at me with a large, red pocket knife. I ran backwards across the street, the man slinging opened pocket knives at me. Then we were face to face. The man slashed at my body, making two cuts in my side. With his red knife in my hand, I made identical cuts into his body. As he moved in closer in an attempt to cut my face, I caught him and strained to bring my blade to his face. I overpowered him and marked his face, just above his left eyebrow, making the same mark he was attempting to make on me.

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