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Former life fleeting

Convinced I’m dreaming

When these memories feel so real to me

Aching for gestation

To be born by new creation

Headlights flicker

Electricity whispers

And a seed is born with the knowledge of a tree

Fleeting, flashing, dreaming me

But I am

I am

Calm waters

The child of my father

We are the same

I am uniquely me

Anger for a stranger

It’s all fantastic

The product of plastic

Familiar thing I’ve never touched

I know how you feel

Again the strong current

Flows a deterrent

To cling too tightly to the roots of this shore

Understanding there waits something more

The river’s bend calls to me

Pulling me so lovingly





The corner of the dreamer’s eye

No need to scream. No need to cry

Do not cling to this paper tree

There is not fact in all you see

Life is not contrary to death

Love does not cease without breath

Dandelions in the breaze

Leaves falling from the trees

For which breeze and which trees are not me?

My brother, my sister, my family

Love – anything but a fleeting memory

Love – inside and all of me

A skipping stone in search of home

A frantic suspended fit

Lights and shapes, and colorful noise

And we try to make sense of it.









It’s electricity that gives us shape

Burn marks on our hands

When we hold on so tightly

Glass masses in the sands

We fight and claw and scrape for life

The self-imposed burden we carry

Opposition of the same form

When dust and flesh seem contrary

In Guide I Trust

Dressed in layers, we climb over dead friends
Un-level ground, but in guide I trust
He gives me his heart
It is made of stone, but is a gift
And valuable as a result
The creek gives birth to two spirits
The larger carrying the smaller
The larger leaves the smaller ashore before being taken back by water
Leaves change colors
The path narrows
Colors fade
Clinging to Mother
In guide I trust
Rounded spears reach out, as if drawn to me
Magnetized by the life we share
Resistance of gravity
Proof this is a steady climb and not a steady fall
On top of the city, the day shuts its eyes
A dragon in the sky whispers “Goodnight”
Back down Mother’s skyscraper
In guide I trust
Darkness slowly moves in
The water is angry
The path looses form and becomes varying shades of grey
Step where he steps
Hurrying now
Clinging to Mother
Will it freeze tonight?
No fear, no pain
Tired elation
In guide I trust
Purple berries, orange leaves, blue and yellow sky, grey trail, the sound of rushing water
Compresses and “Pop”, back in the car
The air feels stale
Behind the wheel
Guide is replaced by friend
All so familiar
Resume life in 3, 2, 1…

Well, we can still role down the windows

Electricity and Dirt

All other eyes focused on the stars
An unwavering pace toward the light in the distance
Graciously filling their spaces, their holes in the earth
I face the world alone
Held back a grade for signs of a stutter
A failure to meet age expectations
Attempting to place a square block in a round hole
Chewing rubber
Dirt turns to electricity in his mouth
Body flailing in the air
Clinging to the ground with his forehead
He brings life

Baby Cow

Silence is a baby cow
and momma bull is so proud
when her baby figures out how
to shout louder than the crowd
momma coaching with love
baby giraffes with calves in their ears
never hearing the words from above
each clumsy step guided by fears
overreaching understanding
she loves you all

Sea Level Aspirations

Good morning sunset
And the pond springs to life
But we are not whole yet
For lack of a wife
And we die and we rot
And we are born again new
All of the things that were not
With the promise of you
Sea level aspirations
On the wet tile floor
Bandaged condemnations
From the day before
These scars are beauty marks
Reinventing self
We smile in the dark
And revel in my wealth
I can’t fly all of the time
But above those clouds there’s sunshine
I can’t fly, but I can dance
And I believe that is a good sign