Dream Theory

Dad and the Old Lady

<dream>It is night. The yard is semi-illuminated by artificial light coming from the house. I have angered my father. Running into the front yard, I scan the driveway and street for my car. There are more cars here than I expected to find. I weigh the potential threat of catching...Read More »

Dad Things Window Chain

Nighttime. I had packed some of my things into my dad’s car. We had agreed that I was going to stay with him for while in accomodation of a business arrangement. A short way down the road, Dad stopped the car, claiming he could not take me. I got out and...Read More »

Broken Toilet

I awoke to three men of AFD in white cotton briefs landing with a crash on my bed. Pieces of a porcelain toilet scatter through the room, along with the debris of the broken ceiling. I am so tired. After a conversation with the landlord that confirms he will not...Read More »

Red Pocket Knife

I met a man of AFD just at the entrance of a sidewalk tunnel. His hair was long and braided. I was returning his lost dog to him. He took the small thing from me and backed up slightly into the darkness of the tunnel. He was attempting to show...Read More »

Dark, Yellow, Stale, Red

Feeling: Dark, yellow, stale, red at times

Trees everywhere. I leave my heavy, leather coat in Allen’s truck in the back. He, his friend, and I go into the house. Two other kids are coming by. We are going to hurt them. Then Allen tells me to leave. I leave...Read More »

Alone in my Bed

As a YMCA counselor, I awoke in a small room at a YMCA location. This room had been host to my group of kids when I fell asleep. Where were they now? With a hurried pace, I left the room, entering the pool area. There was one swimming pool directly...Read More »

A British Voice

A British voice recites with the intent of a documentary narrator “verufa val, verufa val” and then as if translating: “no one’s noticing”.

...Read More »

Patient's Airport Ride

In the car, driving Patient to the airport in Mesa/Tempe, AZ. We will be several hours early for Patient’s flight if we are able to find the airport. I am unclear about exactly where I should turn, but trust that my memory will become clearer as we approach our destination....Read More »

32. Smiling, He Wrote… (Intro)

    Last night I had a very bizarre dream and, as campy as the idea of the dream may seem, it was one of the happiest experiences I’ve had in years. It was minutes to show time and the lead skater wasn’t there. Even though I had no experience, they asked...Read More »

Pot House in the Woods

The sun is out, but hidden by the trees. I am in a house in the woods with a friend of mine and a friend of his. I walk into the room where my friend’s friend has been. There is a large bag of marijuana on the floor. It would...Read More »


You directed me to stand against the kitchen counter, facing you. You seemed to imply this was foreplay. I was so excited that you were taking an interest, that you were going to initiate, without the use of subtle suggestion or hesitation, a sexual interaction. I stood there aroused with...Read More »

The Flood

I am in and out of sleep next to my cousin in a bed in the kitchen. We had shared a bed as children many times, but we were grown now. My father walks through the kitchen talking back to my brother who is in another room in the house....Read More »

The Ghost and the Waterbed

We were staying for the night in the remnants of an old commune. The group had begun to make camp in a newer building on the grounds. They told stories of a sleeping quarters not far from there. The area had a violent history and strange things had happened there...Read More »

Twist...and Shout

Carrying a putty knife as I walk a wooded path at night. A darkly cloaked person comes running toward me and stabs at me with a knife. I attempt to fight him off, but am wounded in the abdomen. I fall to the ground and woman who apparently witnessed my...Read More »

The Yellow Vespa

I was sent to the mall to purchase a book from Barnes and Noble. I was in a hurry because my mother needed the book for a social event that was to happen in the next hour or so. I ended up parking on the wrong side of the mall...Read More »

Let's Not Get Caught

I begin traveling at full speed with my girlfriend at my side. I am gradually leaving the ground more and more until I am airborne. I move into the sky above this tree covered grassland and watch her as I pass over and circle around to look at her. She...Read More »

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