12 Young -

Mrs. Smith clapped her hands twice and her group of 12 putus scrambled to find their places on the carpet before her. “Who can tell me where to find a Buzgable?” Mrs. Smith asked the...Read More »

The World Beyond the Trees

You few ride for days in a small boat, the sea pushing you effortlessly around this vast space of open desolateness. Your lips crack and peel from dehydration. Your head spins consistently. The ocean around you rotates a complete 360 before resetting in a split second and beginning its rotation...Read More »

”If you hurt her, I’ll kill you.”

”If you hurt her, I’ll kill you.” – He said it with a handshake and a straight face. Because this man was her uncle, I took this to be a show of affection for her and a little bullshit male posturing.

I signaled that I understood with an “Okay” or “Yes...Read More »

Bike Trail

6:00 – Bedside alarm goes off
6:02 – Synchronize watch with alarm clock
6:07 – Disrobe and step into shower
6:30 – Begin breakfast
7:02 – Arrive a bike trail
7:14 – Loose traction and collide with tree
7:14 – Awake in a daze
7:14 – Arrive at Ranger stationRead More »

Rambo 5

    “It is late night in Hope Retirement Home – 7:30 pm. 2 hours past dinnertime and that bitch still hasn’t brought me my pudding. Nurse Teasel has had it out for me since I first got here. I make an effort to shoot a wad of paper at her at...Read More »

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