Chimera Fabrications

The coming of the 21st century has meant breakthroughs in understanding the science behind dreaming in the human brain. In recent years, understanding of the lower brain’s functionality in the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep has led to scientists’ ability to map dreams in a subject’s brain. Understanding of the physiology of dreams has opened the door for new industry. Chimera Fabrications (CF) opened our doors to the public on October 8, 2020. Before CF, the involuntary act of dreaming caused many people throughout the world reason to fret. Will I have good dreams or bad dreams? Will I be haunted by a memory I wish to forget or end up at my office, naked? No longer would the act of regeneration known as “sleep” need to be the source of such uncertainty. Chimera Fabrications enables a person to design his or her own personal experience of hibernation mode. Why leave the assignment of your topic of dream up to your subconscious brain? Use sleep as a time to truly relax. Go to Maui for a few hours. Make love to that special someone you have created for just that purpose. If you already share the world outside the dream state with someone special, share the world within the dream state with him or her as well. Relive your honeymoon over and over each night as you sleep or be the person you could not be to him or her in the world outside. Awake to find you are deeper in love, having shared experiences only possibly through the art of dream fabrication. The world outside is often unpredictable. The world inside doesn’t have to be. Take control of your dreams and take part in designing a part of your world.
Tuesday morning, November 9th, 2023, 11:37 am: I awake to the sound of the dog barking at neighbor as he cuts across my front lawn. My house is on the corner of 11th and Limbo Dr. Because of my house’s position on the lot, it is common for passersby to cut across the lawn in pursuit of a shorter route. This would not be problematic if neighbors had not, on previous occasion, had police stop by to quiet the dog’s barking. I quickly locate my pants on the bedroom floor and pull them on. Since being visited by the police, it has been my responsibility to ensure the dog does not get more than a bark or two out before I let him into the house. I reach the back door and swiftly slide it open. I angrily call the dog’s name, but he is unreceptive. He continues to excitedly bounce around attempting to threaten the pedestrian on the other side of the fence. I walk quickly and gracelessly across the backyard to the barking dog. He cowers as I slap at him. I know my actions will have little deterring effect on his future acts of insolence. I grab him by the collar and guide him into the house. Panting, he smiles up at me. I feel guilty for hitting him.
I look at the clock again. It is almost noon. How did I sleep so late? I feel guilty for not having been more productive this morning. I had woken several times this morning only to roll over and find sleep in a new position. There was no reason to get out of bed. Besides, the dream state was preferable to my reality. In my dreams, I can fly; there is no stress from the real world; there is only the problem at hand. I often wake with unfinished business. This works as further motivation to return to my dream. In this world, the “real” world, I have no employment and my marriage has become stagnant. I love her in the sense I have not left her. Life with her is painfully comfortable. I cannot imagine anything else. Who else would have me? I was not made for this world, the corporate world that focuses so much on money. When I quit my last job, I was on the verge of being fired for not hitting sales quotas. I worked in a call center. The impersonal nature of it all enabled customers to treat me as means to their ends. Likewise, it was my job to treat my customers and means to a bonus. That wasn’t me. That wasn’t how I wanted to see myself. After failing to hit minimum sales requirements a few times, my job was in jeopardy. I left before they got the chance to fire me.
I look at the clock again. “More time wasted on things I cannot change. Let’s focus on things we can.” I hit the power button on my computer and pray it comes on. The thing is a dinosaur. A loud humming sound begins. The pitch raises and then plateaus. The high pitches sound of gears turning begins as the disk tray comes out the front of the tower. It has done this for months. It is easy enough to hit the eject button once the computer is done starting up and return the drive to its place. As long as the computer gives me access to the Internet, it is still useful to me. I pull up the Internet browser and log in to my email. Nothing new. I open a previously opened email and click a link. Let the job hunt begin. It really wouldn’t matter if I could get find someone interested; I’d never get past the first interview. I never know how to answer those ridiculous questions they ask: “Describe yourself in one word…What is your biggest weakness?…Describe a time when you were right and your supervisor was wrong.” Possible answers: “kleptomaniac”, “my left pinky”, “I never question my supervisor.”
My stomach grumbles from hunger. I look around the room. This place is a mess. I could clean it if I knew where to put any of it. Most of it belongs to my wife. My house has become a museum for her things. Something to break the monotony. I could have an affair. That would involve too much effort. Besides, I’m broke. I can’t very well wine and dine with no money. My stomach grumbles again. Perhaps something to eat and a little TV. I pour a bowl of cereal and rest myself in a reclined position in front of the TV. I shouldn’t stay here long. If she gets home and finds me here instead of at the computer, she will be angry. The dog is fat and sits facing me with a look of intent. Is he begging for my cereal? “Lay down.” It is meant to come out as a command, but sounds like a request. I say it again, this time with authority, “Lay down!” He slides to the floor with a groan. This will be my day.
Back at my computer, I hear the sound of the front door lock and quickly minimize the game I have been playing for the past hour. My wife walks in as I continue filling out applications for employment. I give her arrival little attention, in an attempt to look as though I am engrossed in this tedious process. She says hi as she passes on her way to our bedroom. She will stay there reading, until bed. And so is our life together. We occasionally watch a television show together when I am taking a break to eat. I cannot spend more than episode or two with her before I begin to feel as though I am giving her reason to become angry with me. After all, I am not contributing. I am a leach, living off her income.
One day, she comes home with a new purchase. I want to protest, but it is her money. What can I really say? The box says, “Chimera Fabrications”. We share a dream that night. We are on our honeymoon, in Maui. We are younger and deeply in love. I feel healthier and am more attracted to her than I have in ages. As I begin to wake the next morning, that beautiful woman I shared such a passionate night with slowly slips away. 9:27 am: My wife has already left for the day. Go back to sleep. Don’t leave her. I awake again at 10:02 am. Should I get out of bed? There would be no point. Roll over and find that dream again. I awake later feeling more tired than I did when I woke earlier. 12:47 pm: I look at the clock and feel guilty for my indulgence. Another day in front of the computer and on the couch. I eagerly await bedtime. We retire earlier this night than we did the last. In this dream state, we can be whatever we want to each other. I am successful. We are both young and beautiful. She soon begins leaving work early just to be with me, just so we can have a “nap” together. She soon faces repercussions for missing so much work. Her boss doesn’t scare her. Her job isn’t real to her anymore anyway. Why does it matter when she can have whatever life she wants when she gets home. We sleep together more and more. We have few resources and ask my sister to take care of the dog for a while. The world outside becomes more uninviting as a result of our lack of income, so we sleep more. We are billionaires, living in Prague. We design intricate adventures to share. We work with a common goal for the first time in years. We grow the stunted passion for each other we had almost completely forgotten about a long time ago. I am her god and she is my goddess. The dreams we create are our gifts to each other.
After what feels like years, I awake. An older version of the woman I remember lays next to me. Surely we could not have dreamed for years. I look at the clock: January 1st, 2024, 9:42 am. It hasn’t been long at all. Then who is this old woman laying next me? It is my wife, not my wife from the dream, that young beauty I fell in love with years before, but the woman I have spent my life with. I leave the bed and sit in front of my computer. It hums as it begins to run. The CD tray pushes out with that familiar sound of gears. I pull up the Internet screen and log in to my email. Our power bill is overdue. They will shut us off soon. Should I wake her? Let her sleep. I’ll find a way to pay it. I leave the house in search of employment.

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