Newspaper Article: Missing Actor

Method actor Henry Reese, lead of the film KKK Cop (still in production), disappeared in the heart of Los Angeles this afternoon. In full costume, Reese slid, Dukes of Hazard style through the window of one of the 8 cars used in the taping of KKK Cop, and sped away after a group of alleged gang members. Known for remaining in character while off the set, Reese is wanted for what Star 9 Studio is calling “theft” of a 97, Ford, Crown Victoria, a white hooded gown and a replica pistol complete with six blank rounds. Reese was last seen heading North on Union Ave. in spite the fact that Star 9 Studio specifically warned of the dangers of the area and insisted all studio personnel sign a waiver of liability in the case they left the stretch Santa Monica Fwy closed for filming. While such stunts are typical of Reese, the studio seems unconfident their items or their leading actor will be returned. Casting for Reese’s replacement begins Monday.

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