Survival Story

I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker. Last night I formed the courage to engage in my first human encounter. I crawled onto its foot and began to explore. Soon this adventure took a dangerous turn. The world around me began to shake violently. The foot I stood on was moving rapidly back and forth. I sought shelter in the pant-leg above. It’s a good thing I found shelter when I did. The human and its pant-leg moved quickly up and down and in random directions. High pitched squeals echoed from the beast’s mouth. It was anarchy. The pant-leg I clung to for dear life shook violently back and forth. My only hope was to play dead. After the shaking finally stopped, I lay there as still as possible for a while. With some intrepidation, I slowly began to make my way back down the pant-leg. As soon as I made it to the foot, the shaking began again. Again I heard high pitched squeals from the mouth of the human. I held on tightly, but soon lost my grip and flew into the nearby wall. I hit the ground running, my heart beating faster than it ever has in anticipation of a close-encounter with one of the rubber Reeboks that slapped the ground behind me. I was relieved to make it out of the human’s nest with all of my legs. It’s true what they say; there’s nothing like seeing one up close.

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