Former life fleeting

Convinced I’m dreaming

When these memories feel so real to me

Aching for gestation

To be born by new creation

Headlights flicker

Electricity whispers

And a seed is born with the knowledge of a tree

Fleeting, flashing, dreaming me

But I am

I am

Calm waters

The child of my father

We are the same

I am uniquely me

Anger for a...Read More »

In Guide I Trust

Dressed in layers, we climb over dead friends
Un-level ground, but in guide I trust
He gives me his heart
It is made of stone, but is a gift
And valuable as a result
The creek gives birth to two spirits
The larger carrying the smaller
The larger leaves the...Read More »

Smiling at Strangers

Smiling at strangers
and misplaced anger
and laughing in the face of the chance to rearrange her

Because we are all flawed
all perfect parts of God
And if we don’t fit the mold, it’s because the mold is odd.

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Electricity and Dirt

All other eyes focused on the stars
An unwavering pace toward the light in the distance
Graciously filling their spaces, their holes in the earth
I face the world alone
Held back a grade for signs of a stutter
A failure to meet age expectations
Attempting to place a square...Read More »

Electric Meat

The city’s alive
And it’s buzzing tonight
I can lick the beehive
And know we’re alright
And sometimes it stings
But the honey is sweet
It’s love that brings
This old current to meat

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Baby Cow

Silence is a baby cow
and momma bull is so proud
when her baby figures out how
to shout louder than the crowd
momma coaching with love
baby giraffes with calves in their ears
never hearing the words from above
each clumsy step guided by fears
overreaching understanding
she loves...Read More »

Sea Level Aspirations

Good morning sunset
And the pond springs to life
But we are not whole yet
For lack of a wife
And we die and we rot
And we are born again new
All of the things that were not
With the promise of you
Sea level aspirations
On the wet...Read More »

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by Phil Force